I just stumbled across this and was very impressed. It's called Patch Together.


I've seen their prototypes posted on message boards lately, but didn't clue into what they were. They're a toy company (of the designer variety) that set up an online community for the purpose of gathering toy concepts. They have an ongoing competition that allows the members to upload their designs, other members vote on them and the winners get their toy produced in a limited run. They also get paid $500 plus 5% commission, not great, but it is a good starting point. Most of my designs are too complicated for their production. They seem to only produce basic forms with only a few points of articulation. If I can come up with something a bit simpler and an idea I don't have a strong attachment to, I might try my luck. There's some legal and copyright questions that I have regarding the whole situation, but anything I'd submit would be something I'd be willing to let go, just in case. Mostly it's just really encouraging to see a community full of toy designers (some look to have some promise and creativity too).