Ghost Pig News (On Sale Now!)

Hello all! Quite a bit has been happening. I have been neglecting my social media responsibilities, so I will jam a bunch of cool stuff into one post.

Big Trubble has an awesome article in the latest issue of Designlines. It focuses on the Ghost Pig, but gives a nice overview on what we’re about

There are also lots of ways to buy a Ghost Pig now! I was finally able to buckle down and finish the edition of 30. It was a ton of work, but they are finally ready to consume.

You can get one at

You can go to Magic Pony on Queen West in Toronto.

..or you can come to the Open House this weekend at Walnut Studios!

If you have any questions or inquiries feel free to email me at

You're in Big Trubble - Collaboration

I am going to do a series of posts to help you get a handle on what Big Trubble is and where we are going. There’s a lot of “I” around here. The “I” is me, Laird Henderson. I spearhead most of the projects and choose what gets released under the Big Trubble label. There is almost just as much “We”. My core team of support right now is as follows. Tara Krebs handles a lot of the painting tasks as well as taking care of me during crunch times (I tend to skip meals unless there’s someone shoving it in my face). James Cam is handling all the graphic design, web design and social media strategy. This whole venture would probably be rendered in MS paint without him. A graphic designer I am not. Eugene Paunil is an excellent sculptor that pops in to help me with molds, cleaning up castings etc. Look for some projects designed by him soon.

That brings us to our project collaborations. While some toys are all me, like Ghost Pig, I wanted Big Trubble to be something more. So I have been keeping an eye on what my friends and associates are up to and pull them in when it seems like a good fit. All projects have various levels of collaboration depending on the skills of the people involved. Leader came from a drawing by Jamiyla Lowe. I saw the piece and thought it would make a great toy. Other than her approvals I have handled it from there. With God: Incognito, Phil Woollam designed the character and sculpted it, then I took it over after that. Tiki Seymour was all Shira Haberman. I helped a little with some molding, but she did the rest. I am sure as new projects develop there will be new levels of collaboration. If you want to read all the posts about the inner working of Big Trubble search “about” on the blog to bring them up.