These are Sesame Street protos from Toy Fair 2004 or 2005. They show Series 1 in it’s entirety without accessories. The original plan was to have each figure come with a piece of Sesame Street until the whole neighborhood was built. The idea was scrapped before they (almost) went into production. It was said the playset pieces were going to be distributed through mail order or other means. Arghhhh! *tear*

Unmade Sesame

One of my favorite toy lines of all time is The Muppets by the late great Palisades Toys. When that line was cancelled due to lack of retailer support they tried their damdest to start a Sesame Street line to compliment it. Well, it didn’t happen and that stands as the most disappointing moment in all my years of toy collecting. That was back in 2005-2006 and I still haven’t let it go. There was so much potential for awesome and the prototypes looked so good, that I still have a bit of hope in the back of head that one day a brave company will find the protoypes and continue the line. A handful of Series 1 package samples are out there somewhere (Ken Lilly sold them through ebay). They are my holy grail.


Ken Lilly, the product manager for Palisades released a lot of pictures of the work in progress on the line. Over the next week I’ll be posting what I managed to save. I know it’s not good to focus on the past and what could have been, but with this I just can’t help it. I hope one day I hope I’m a good enough sculptor to make them myself.

The planned line up was as follows:

Series 1

Ernie with Rubber Duckie

Oscar the Grouch with Slimey

Guy Smiley

Two-Headed Monster

Series 2




Count von Count

Big Bird with Little Bird

123 Sesame Street playset

Unknown Dates

Cookie Monster

Roosevelt Franklin

Yip-Yip Martians