Breaking the Seal

Hmmm. How should I start this? I'm probably going to hide this for a little while and see how things come together. I usually hate writing. Actually hate would be an understatement. But with Toy Fair going on right now I've had a sudden urge to write my toy views down. Is it a little self indulgent? Yes it is, but if there's one thing that I've learned from being an artist is that when an idea comes to you that just feels right, you should do it.

This blog will serve as a place to explain why I like what I like when it comes to toys and some of the surrounding themes they are based on. It's extremely hard to explain to an outsider why I get so excited about these little plastic people. Just now James bought Rhonda one of Frank Kozik's vinyl Labbits. I commended James on his good taste, but Rhonda looked at it cock-eyed and asked "What does it do?". Its hard to answer that. It really does nothing, but it's still bloody cool. That's what I'm going to try and explore here.