Society of Hunters

Speaking of monsters, I've had some in my head for a while. As I said I'm giving Persons a break for now, so I'm hoping these will be a change of pace. The basic premise of this line is big monsters that eat little monsters. The big monsters are all from different species. They've formed an elite hunting club in order to band together and devour a poor helpless little species that inhabits their area. The hunters vary wildly in their physiology, but the prey is one group. They show that they are part of the Society of Hunters by wearing ties with the organizations emblem embroidered on it. They'll have some interesting functions to help them with the hunting and consumption tasks, but I'll get into that later. Here's a few sketches I've done of them so far.

Sketching is unusual for me, I usually go from my head, but it seemed necessary because I wanted some truly original characters. I might have fallen into some cliche if I wasn't careful. They'll transform quite a bit once I get sculpting them, especially that third one, he needs some work.

I can't remember if I got the whole tie thing from Monster Factory's Mr. Jefferson, or whether I came up with it myself then just happened upon him. Hopefully what I'm doing is different enough and it's not seen as a rip off. Looking at all three now, there's quite a bit of Monster Factory in there, I'll have to twist some stuff around in the sculpt to avoid that.

I'm going to get a start on the little cute guy soon. So look for pics in the next couple weeks. I might be on my cam sculpting too >>>